What Our Coachees Say


“I found attending Élan’s coaching sessions brilliant. By meeting up and talking about my wants and needs they teased out the steps I needed to take to help me move forward. In fact it turned out the first thing I needed to do wasn’t what I thought I should be doing!”
Senior Manager

“I particularly appreciated your ability to go with whatever seemed to be happening for me at the time”
Senior Manager

“The coaching sessions were invaluable as they enabled me to clear my head and see the future from a more positive point of view. I was encouraged to recognise my other abilities which enabled me to see I had more options than I first thought. Anna always managed to point out different angles on things and I was able to make real plans for the future.”
Senior Manager

“I would highly recommend coaching as not only can it really motivate you but it can also help you get to the bottom of what is really important in your life”
Head of

“I had coaching sessions during a time of huge change in my work. I was a senior manager and had been for 10 years, but I was always conscious that I was an ‘imposter’. The changes that were taking place brought this feeling to the fore: Am I good enough? Am I capable enough? Etc... the coaching sessions allowed me time to explore those feelings, be open and honest and understand why I felt the way I did, but more importantly, understand that the reason I was a senior manger was because I was able and capable. The sessions helped me go forward and decide what role was right for me in the changed organisation. I now feel comfortable in my new role, in a belief that I am the right person for that role.”
Customer Services Manager

“I found the sessions made me more positive and confident and able to face an uncertain future”

“Just being able to talk it through with someone uninvolved yet who is understanding is very helpful. Saying things out loud makes them seem much more achievable. This was a very positive experience for me. I am definitely going to build on it.”

“I feel inspired to make progress. Thank you for all your invaluable help”
Business Owner

“I was trying to fathom out my future career path and was clouded with uncertainty and fear. My employer recognised this and brought in Élan Coaching to support me. Initially a little sceptical about what coaching could offer me, I did take up the sessions.
"The pace and agenda was very much set by me and through this my coach began to steer a path that would help me unlock my mental mechanisms for making choices. I used my sessions for a variety of purposes, both in terms of supporting decisions I needed to make my current role but importantly developing my thinking about my future career options. My coach guided me in crafting out how best to use my skills, qualities and experience so I was in a strong position to make choices in a reasoned way.
"I was able to successfully and quickly move on to develop a successful career as an interim manager, establishing my own business and being able to work in a variety of roles in the public sector. Coaching is one of those tools that you do not appreciate the immense value of until you have experienced it.”

Head of .. and now Consultant